Jun 06 , 2017

ZH Healthcare’s blueEHR Platform Selected as Workflow and EHR Innovation Provider for Curavi Health Telemedicine Company

MCLEAN, Va., June 06, 2017 – ZH Healthcare announced that blueEHR, the company’s Health IT as a Service (HITaaS) platform, has been selected by Curavi Health, a UPMC enterprises-backed company, to deliver workflow and electronic health records (EHR) solutions as part of the CuraviCart™ and CuraviCare™ HIPAA-compliant telemedicine and software offerings. Curavi Health has integrated blueEHR to help deliver telemedicine solutions and physician care to the nursing-home bedside –  where it is needed the most – to prevent costly and, often unnecessary hospital read missions.

“We’ve worked with ZH Healthcare and use blueEHR to power our clinical notetaking, order set management, and other parts of CuraviCart™ and CuraviCare™,” said Steve Menke, chief technology officer of Curavi Health.  “With ZH Healthcare’s support, we are simplifying things and scaling to bring specialized care to nursing homes when it is needed most.”

“Millions of hours have been invested into our blueEHR platform to ensure that we make health IT accessible and affordable.  The result is our proprietary Health IT as a Service (HITaaS) solution, capable of powering complex EHR systems, hospital management and health IT needs worldwide, in a simplified way,” said Mohammed Shahzad, chief operating officer at ZH Healthcare.

“We’re honored to work with Curavi—a great company with a great mission—to change healthcare for patients within nursing homes across the country,” said Shameem C Hameed, CEO of ZH Healthcare.  “We’re excited Curavi has selected blueEHR to power the EHR functions of CuraviCart™ and CuraviCare™, and look forward to working with Curavi for years to come.”

About ZH Healthcare, Inc.

ZH Healthcare is a healthcare technology innovator that is revolutionizing health IT with the advent of blueEHR, a true healthcare platform with infrastructure, compliance, and application layers, and solutions like electronic health records (EHR), practice management, revenue cycle management (RCM), inventory management, telehealth, and more – integrated across the healthcare ecosystem. blueEHR is used by over 30,000 healthcare providers, staff, health systems, startups, and IT companies in 100+ countries.

About Curavi Health.

Curavi, a Pittsburgh-based company and part of UPMC, offers its customers CuraviCart telemedicine equipment, specifically designed for the workflow in the challenging, nursing-home environment, and CuraviCare software that allows staff to easily request a telemedicine consult. Curavi has also developed a formal relationship with University of Pittsburgh Physicians, part of UPMC, to provide after-hours consults from fellowship-trained geriatricians, as well as the Heart & Vascular Institute of UPMC to provide 1 hour turnaround on ECG reads. UPMC ranks No. 12 for geriatric medicine nationally in the latest quality scoring by U.S. News & World Report.

Media Contact for ZH Healthcare:
Emily Burdeshaw
Office: 703-340-8065 x 3003
Email: emily@zhservices.com

Media Contact for Curavi Health:
Wendy Zellner
Office: 412-586-9777
Email: zellnerwl@upmc.edu

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