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A fully compliant, worry-free and systematic Meaningful Use certified electronic health records (EHR) system that helps you increase efficiency and quality of care.

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Advanced health records for an increasingly advanced healthcare world

blueEHR is one of the most advanced EHR Systems

blueEHR is one of the most advanced EHR software systems that is modular in nature, which allows you to completely customize your EHR experience.  With blueEHR, you can spend more time focusing on patients and less time worrying about cumbersome processes, workflows or even system maintenance.  Why?  Because blueEHR allows you to personalize the way you operate your EHR system – chart visits in a way that matches how you work, document quickly, and get back to the business of providing care.

Build Custom Workflows

With blueEHR you can build custom workflows to increase efficiency

With our EHR system you can build custom workflows to increase efficiency, leverage proven charts and tools to reduce waste and focus on the patient diagnosis, review compliance, or connect with pharmacies or labs, in less time.  Share information across the practice or coordinate care across networks, reference patient records, assess compliance, manage the plan of care, and have your administrative and clinical requirements and tasks in a single view.  You can also connect with or import other patient record info or share details with patients, caregivers and more, electronically and effectively – in less time.


With blueEHR, all of this is possible – and more.  And, you can be up and running almost instantly!

blueEHR Electronic Health Records

Powered by the cloud, the blueEHR Meaningful Use certified EHR system allows you to

See an entire patient record, timeline, compliance history, medications and more – connected to an appointment - so you can be prepared.

Enter diagnosis with the CPT, SNOMED CT, and ICD-10 coding, and incorporate clinical decision support around medications, and more.

Chart patient visits in a way that works for you - make documentation familiar. Set preferences to how you work, reducing delay.

Communicate with patients, colleagues, network providers, and office staff with an integrated communications and messaging system.

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Customer Testimonials

  • “One thing that stood out is its intuitiveness and the level to which one can customize it.”

  • “The software has a high level of configurability and customization, allowing the organization to tailor the system to their specific needs.”

  • “Intelligent solution supported by an amazing team!”