Why is blueEHR better?

We listened. We invested over a million hours.

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Cognitive Design

blueEHR embraces cognitive design, which is “the art and science of bringing harmonic geometry to a conversation.” To put that in layman’s terms and as to how it relates to EHR, cognitive design is used to make tasks simpler.

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Every organization is unique. To get ahead of the pack you must innovate in clinical workflow or business models. blueEHR is the only system that empowers you to mold your system to meet your workflows or business model.

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Implementation Time

blueEHR implementation takes only 20% time than that of comparable systems. When you pick blueEHR you are picking a world class implementation team and our proven methodology to take your vision to reality in the shortest possible time.

We Listened

The answer is rather simple. blueEHR is better because we took time to listen to and work with clients: thousands of users, healthcare providers and practice administrators around the world that rely on the blueEHR electronic health solution and EHR system. With blueEHR, you get control of the usability, the forms and the workflow – and more – customized to your own specific practice or process needs.

We Invested

We invested millions of hours to make the usability, experience, features and functionality, simple and intuitive and to ensure that it meets the needs of clients, regardless of the size of practice or area of specialty. We have worked alongside physicians and practice managers, health IT companies and others from all around the world – to ensure that we are addressing needs today, while keeping up with the evolving changes in regulation and reimbursement, and more.