Why is blueEHR better?

There are many reasons why blueEHR is one of the best EHR systems and complete electronic health solutions, anywhere in the world.

The answer is rather simple

The answer is rather simple.  blueEHR is better because we took time to listen to and work with clients: thousands of users, healthcare providers and practice administrators around the world that rely on the blueEHR electronic health solution and EHR system.  With blueEHR, you get control of the usability, the forms and the workflow – and more – customized to your own specific practice or process needs.


We have invested more than one million hours of time to make the usability, experience, features, and functionality simple and intuitive and to ensure that it meets the needs of clients, regardless of the size of practice or area of specialty.  We have worked alongside physicians and practice managers, health IT companies and others from all around the world – to ensure that we are addressing needs today, while keeping up with the evolving changes in regulation and reimbursement, and more.

Giving you power and control

blueEHR is one of the first advanced modular EHR and health IT systems which allows you the option of our hosted and secure EHR system out of the box or to use the intuitive tools to customize the forms or workflow to reflect your own practice needs.  You are a provider and you know how your practice runs.  Why should you let another EHR vendor dictate how you should work or operate inside your practice?


blueEHR is Healthcare IT. Simplified.


Our advanced blueEHR electronic health solution is the result of physician and industry feedback

Practice management and electronic records systems are not created equal. That’s why thousands of physicians and providers around the world have moved to blueEHR. You get the power, access, security, and reliability of the cloud, and benefit from one of the most advanced and complete healthcare platforms – delivering simplicity, cost savings, features and functionality, and ability to customize forms, charts and workflows to meet your specific practice needs.

  • Flexible EHR
  • Care Coordination
  • Patient Engagement Tools
  • Practice Management
  • Network Management
  • Interoperable Patient Portal
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • E-Prescription
  • Telemedicine and Telehealth
  • Lab Integrations
  • Multilingual Customization
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified
  • Inventory Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Clinical and billing rules engine
  • Population Health
  • Clearinghouse Integrations
  • And More...

Customer Testimonials

  • “One thing that stood out is its intuitiveness and the level to which one can customize it.”

  • “The software has a high level of configurability and customization, allowing the organization to tailor the system to their specific needs.”

  • “Intelligent solution supported by an amazing team!”