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blueEHR Interoperable Patient Portal

Patient portals are changing the healthcare paradigm.

A growing percentage of patients are more involved in their care, looking for ways to access care plans, medical records and more. With blueEHR, you get one of the industry’s leading interoperable patient portals.  You or your patients can opt to integrate with any EHR system, share records, and view medical history.  blueEHR delivers a truly revolutionary patient engagement tool. Patient Portal Login

  • Aggregate medical records from multiple healthcare providers
  • Share medical information with family, caregivers and physicians
  • Monitor and manage your healthcare, plan of care or medical expenses
  • Engage in secure communication with physicians, specialists, and more
  • Build trust with patients and deliver the information they need

    Provide a personal health record (PHR) through one of the most advanced and fully integrated patient portals that work across EHR vendors and health information exchanges (HIE). In a few clicks, you can allow patients to gain a longitudinal view of their medical history and healthcare records, view all their visit and discharge summaries, review test results, refill prescriptions, pull CCDs, message a healthcare provider or physician, coordinate care, or even integrate with wearable health technology, and more

    View History

    Refill Prescriptions

    Integrate with Wearable Tech

    Pull CCDs

    Message Physician

    Top 10 Reasons for Practices to Use the blueEHR Patient Portal

    Patient portals are changing the healthcare paradigm

    • Save Time

      Collect information such as patient history, electronically, before the appointment....

    • Integrate

      Gather data from patient records and forms, without duplication or issue....

    • Schedule

      Allow patients to schedule and confirm appointments with preferred physicians...

    • Verify

      Check eligibility and co-pays, and allow patients to pay their provider bill online...

    • Collect

      Time to revenue decreases via online billing, payments, and electronic receipts....

    • Manage

      Support staff can adjust insurance info, update demographics and more....

    • Communicate

      Link to a provider and allow patients to connect, contact and easily communicate....

    • Prescribe

      Patients can request refills, referrals, or ask questions that will provide clarity...

    • Efficiency

      Practices no longer need to spend time on unnecessary duplicated processes....

    • Compliance

      In U.S., meets qualifications for Meaningful Use and can earn incentive payments....