Billing, Collections, Claims Processing, and More

For some, revenue cycle management (RCM) is the process of billing and collecting from patients, or a focus on the accounts receivable specifically. For others, RCM refers to the insurance ties or claims processing, or setting up with or integrating with a preferred clearinghouse. But revenue cycle management means much more for blueEHR, and it should to your practice, too.


Control Your Custom Revenue Cycle Workflow

blueEHR allows you to control your revenue cycle management experience. Set your workflows or processes to match how you operate. Leverage rules within our system or build a specific rule for your practice – with millions of ways to customize it, yes…millions. And, because blueEHR is an advanced healthcare platform, you can even integrate with many vendors and clearinghouses too.

Support and Features

BlueEHR does it all, and then some. The blueEHR platform supports payment posting, patient billing and invoicing, claim submissions and denial management, claims auditing, accounts receivable management, and elements like provider enrollment, credentialing, EDI enrollment and analytics to track it all – with a 24×7 support team to back it up. Yes, we have someone ready to help – around the clock.

Insurance Verification

Verify that patients' insurance plans are active to prevent rejections and delay in payment.


Charges Entry

Enter all charges into the system to prepare for claims submission.


Payment Posting

Posts all payments, insurance or patient, and provides daily reconciliation.


AR – Follow up

Complete AR follow-up which provides tracking of denials and payment delays.



Reporting provides clarity on claim status, payment projections, denials and adjustments.


Patient Demo Entry

Enter patient demographics to ensure claims will be sent out and paid efficiently.


Claim Submission

Complete claim auditing prior to submission to clearinghouse.


Denial Management

Complete denial management, including contacting insurance plans, refiling claims and submitting appeals.


Patient Statement

Patient statements can be printed from the system, allowing for faster reimbursement.



Complete credentialing process allowing you to focus more on patient.


Want to outsource your medical billing to a qualified and certified team?

blueEHR is not just a platform, but a team and network of experienced medical billing professionals – available for your practice and for your patients – at significant cost savings. While others charge 6% or more, we only charge on collected funds — and we charge at a much lower percentage.

For the blueEHR team, whether you use our platform, our services, or both, it is about creating a win-win partnership that allows you and your practice to reduce workload, increase productivity, grow efficiency, and gain and collect more revenue – so you can focus on the business of providing quality care.

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