Telemedicine System for Healthcare Providers - Establish your digital presence

A Doctor's journey in blueTeleMed


01Login to blueTeleMed


02View your appointments


03Start video consultation


04Add notes and prescription


05Sign off to conclude visit


  • Why is this service free?
    • Our company mission is to make Health IT affordable and accessible to everyone.Our enterprise software product, blueEHR-HITaaS subsidizes blueTeleMed. We made this product free to serve our social mission during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • What would the charges be if and when you plan to charge?
    • We expect to price it at $10 per user per month.
  • Is this a secure system?
    • Our product blueEHR is a MU certified product that is HIPAA & HITECH Complaint. We have been certified in all stages of MU during the last decade. In other words, we are not a new startup. Our products have been tried and tested and certified.
  • Who owns the data?
    • We have always believed that the data is owned by the client.
  • Would I need an internet connection?
    • Of course you need an internet connection: phone, cable, or wireless.
  • Who do you mean by a "commercial provider"?
    • Any provider who charges for his service using blueTeleMed is deemed a commercial provider.
  • How do I get trained?
    • The system is user-friendly and intuitive – little training is required.
    • Training videos and documentation are available on this website.
  • Do I have to be listed on the blueTeleMed lists?
    • Yes, every provider using the system must permit us to list them as a provider for the public to choose from.
  • What is the advantage of listing in blueTeleMed?
    • Our expectation is that the website will have high number of visitors looking for quality providers which in turn means higher number of clients for you.
  • What kind of equipment do I need to do telemedicine?
    • You would need a computer with a video camera.
    • You can also use mobile phone or a tablet computer, both with video camera.
  • What kind of internet speed is required?
    • We recommend at least 1 Mbps speed for you internet connection.

Our core features

Prescribe Medications
Allocate times to consult
Receive appointments
Get paid if not free service
Consult by Video/Audio
Enter Chart Notes


Integrated MU certified EHR
Export notes to current EHR


Notes in CCDA format
Report to Public Health Registries

Doctor's feedback