Why blue HIT Platform?

  • Easy to Build
  • Quick to Connect
  • Simple to Deploy

What it means for you?

  • Speed to Value
  • Adapts to Growth
  • Preserve Capital
  • Protect your IP

A bird's-eye view of the Health IT Platform

Healthcare Ecosystem Cloud Technologies Software Development Platform I n t e r o p e r a b i l i t y e R x / L a b s I O T / D M E s P a a S I a a s S e c u r i t y + C o m p l i a n c e S D K A P I M i c r o s e r v i c e s A m b u l a t o r y A c u t e C a r e T e l e m e d i c i n e P a t i e n t

Who benefits from the blue HIT Platform?

Innovation in eHealth is an imperative for…

Healthcare Entrepreneurs

  • Gain market share
  • Accelerate growth
  • Disrupt established players

Health Systems & Governments

  • Add new services
  • Rapidly modernize
  • Deliver healthcare to Citizens

Systems Integrators

  • Deliver custom solutions
  • Expand customer relationships
  • Differentiate from competitors


e-Health creates differentiated and modernized healthcare service offerings…