Launch, Integrate and Deploy an Advanced, Flexible EHR or Custom Health IT Solution

It’s no wonder that millions of patients and thousands of providers, practices, and health systems, and even startups and health IT and healthcare technology companies in more than 100 countries worldwide have harnessed the power of the blueEHR platform to make healthcare IT simple.


Custom eHealth | HITaaS

blueEHR custom eHealth solutions (HITaaS) allow you to focus on revolutionizing healthcare IT, without reinventing - complete with security, compliance, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, business logic and healthcare specific applications - and the APIs to custom build what you want.

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blueEHR HITaaS is a Business Vertical as a Service, or BaaS, for the healthcare industry – the future of platform as a service (PaaS) – delivering advanced healthcare focused architecture that leverages the power of an extensible, malleable electronic health solution, and provides flexibility, scalability, reliability, and security you need to build and deploy your own custom health IT solution rapidly, at significant cost savings.  There is no other health solution like it.


ACOs & Health Systems

Complete Meaningful Use certified EHR for value based care models such as accountable care organizations (ACOs), managed services organizations (MSOs), and health systems to coordinate care, improve patient outcomes, manage population health, and more.

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Coordinating quality care and improving outcomes is the key to success for health systems, MSOs, and accountable care organizations (ACOs), and impacts the reimbursement, patient satisfaction and more.  With interoperability and the focus on efficiency and reducing costs, blueEHR for ACOs, MSOs, and health systems helps improve patient engagement, securely exchange data, manage population health, and prepare for changing regulations.


Healthcare Specialists

Customizable and flexible EHR software for your healthcare specialty - with custom, intuitive and personalized charting and workflows that meet your specific needs, allowing you to see more patients, collect more revenue, and focus on providing specialized care.

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Let blueEHR work for you.  Why settle for another EHR system that is not built around your specialty?  With blueEHR, it does not matter whether you specialize in cardiology, urology, ophthalmology, neurology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, or other specialties, you customize the EHR experience that works for you.  Leverage flexibility and scalability of the blueEHR platform to create custom workflows, build reports, and more.


Large Medical Groups

Complete electronic healthcare solution that improves utilization, lowers cost, improves outcomes and enhances workflows in multi-physician and multi-location practices, and makes a significant impact on front office operations and practice management.

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Advanced EHR, practice management and revenue cycle management solution designed for large practices, medical groups, clinics, and care facilities – with features that enhance productivity, reduce revenue leakage and allow physicians to see more patients, increasing ROI.  Use the power of the blueEHR platform to increase patient engagement and manage population health, review analytics, deliver telemedicine, and more.


Small Practices

Meaningful Use certified EHR and electronic health solutions that improve delivery of care, increase efficiency and help you to collect more revenue, while engaging your patients and simplifying your healthcare practice, so you can spend more time with patients.

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Meaningful use EHR and EMR platform with the features you need plus ability to customize the experience – for everyone in your office.  From practice management and medical billing, revenue cycle management, scheduling, patient portals, and patient engagement, and care coordination, to e-prescriptions, intuitive charting, inventory control, network management, clearinghouse and lab integrations, and more – everything your practice needs.

blueEHR platform

Secure and compliant Healthcare IT platform in the cloud that is ready to go when you are – offering enhanced security and control and delivering flexibility for healthcare providers and IT companies wanting to simplify healthcare IT or customize, personalize and quickly deploy health IT solutions – without the IT burden. That’s simplifying healthcare IT.

  • Your Solution, Your WayYour Solution, Your Way

    Use an advanced, out of the box solution or leverage APIs to customize and build your own healthcare IT experience

  • Software (SaaS)Software (SaaS)

    Complete and flexible EHR, practice management, revenue cycle management, and more is supported by us

  • Platform (PaaS)Platform (PaaS)

    Every component of a scalable healthcare solution is provided within a secure cloud-hosted environment, ready for you

  • Infrastructure (IaaS)Infrastructure (IaaS)

    We take care of the secure and compliant infrastructure - powering the advanced EHR and custom healthcare solution.

blueEHR eHealth | Healthcare IT Platform

blueEHR is like no other EHR or EMR – a complete modular healthcare technology platform. With blueEHR, you can rapidly customize the EHR experience or build and personalize your own custom eHealth, health IT, and medical technology solution – riding on the power of an advanced and flexible healthcare IT application and architecture.

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blueEHR Modules & Extensions

blueEHR is a flexible, customizable, modular healthcare technology platform with pre-built modules and applications specifically designed for you. Leverage available modules – customize and personalize to meet your needs – or build your own custom healthcare IT solution using any or all of our available modules.

Customer Testimonials

  • “One thing that stood out is its intuitiveness and the level to which one can customize it.”

  • “The software has a high level of configurability and customization, allowing the organization to tailor the system to their specific needs.”

  • “Intelligent solution supported by an amazing team!”

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