blueEHR Focus Areas (Our Industry Solutions)

blueEHR is one of the most advanced and complete healthcare IT platforms that allows you to leverage the power of a certified, compliant and malleable EHR with pre-built modules and extensions, and APIs that allows you to rapidly build and deploy your own custom health IT solutions – without significant investment of time, money and resources. Our solution is used by thousands of healthcare providers and health IT organizations all around the world. Learn more about our focus areas and the clients we serve.

Want our team to customize the platform?

Want our team of 150+ employees to customize the platform for you – or want a health IT solution or app built to leverage the power of blueEHR? We can help. With HITaaS pricing that is flexible, simple to understand, and based on your specific business needs, there is no reason to delay. Get started on building your health IT solution.

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