About Us

Advances in medical technology are transforming modern healthcare with precision medicine, advanced diagnostics and sophisticated surgical procedures. Yet, access to healthcare is becoming increasingly unaffordable for an average person.

While many blame providers for the high cost of healthcare, it is not always the case. It is the technology used by the providers that is expensive and drives the cost of healthcare delivery.

Our mission is to disrupt this trend by making technology simple and cost-effective, thus making healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone.

Towards that objective we built blueEHR® – Health IT as a Service (HITaaS)® , a cloud-based healthcare specific application development and infrastructure environment that empowers users to build and deploy their eHealth solution quick and efficient.

About Us
Our Story

ZH Healthcare, Inc. was founded to serve the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) of medical providers.  While on that initiative we discovered that software and technology for the healthcare industry were not only outdated,  but also neither user friendly nor providing value. Most solutions were obsolete and prohibitively expensive.

We recognized the future of medicine would rely on technology to make healthcare accessible and affordable, not just in advanced nations but for poorer regions, too.

Fast forward nearly a million hours; evolved from physician and industry feedback, our blueEHR platform is now a market leading EHR and EMR solution on a secure cloud environment, and also powers HITaaS™, the industry’s first Healthcare IT Application Architecture Service which allows healthcare providers, health systems, and healthcare technology companies to leverage the existing infrastructure, platform, software, and business logic, feature set, and micro-services to rapidly build and deploy custom health IT solutions – without the IT burden.

We are 150+ people and power an advanced EHR, Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management system, as well as custom health IT solutions around the world.

Our Story
Our Story

We want to change the world of healthcare – helping healthcare organizations around the world to move beyond their rigid and inflexible health solutions and EHR systems, and leverage the power, flexibility and simplicity of the blueEHR solution for all of their health IT needs.

You get the dedicated support of a global team ready to help you implement, on-board and train on one of the most advanced healthcare IT and EHR solutions available in the market. Get to market fast with blueEHR.

Our team is committed to working with you to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your healthcare enterprise. You are more than a client, you are our partner as we help transform the world of healthcare IT.

Whatever you envision, we can help. Leverage the power of a complete meaningful use EHR, plus modules and extensions - or build your own health IT solution, using our APIs. There is no other solution like blueEHR.

Pre-built modules and extensions

Pre-built modules and extensions - including a feature-rich EHR and tools for practice management, revenue cycle management, inventory controls, and more to come!


Full time employees in offices around the world, dedicated to improving blueEHR and supporting the features and functionality that your practice or business needs.


Number of countries where blueEHR is currently used and deployed to help practices and clinics, health systems, health IT companies and custom healthcare IT solutions.

How We Think

Building our business was a learning process. We tried things, learned from mistakes, and have now built one of the most innovative and advanced healthcare technology platforms in the world. We have learned that clients want healthcare technology to work the way they do – so we built it that way, and then allowed our clients around the world to customize it and make it right.

Health IT as a Service (HITaaS)

The result is a complete infrastructure, platform, software and solution that delivers the flexibility, usability and simplicity that healthcare professionals want, with the support and stability that you require. We developed a platform that enables users to create their own custom health IT solution, in a Health IT as a Service and Pay as You Go model, using the latest components and features that keeps up with changing regulation. That's Healthcare IT Simplified. That's blueEHR.