Sep 28 , 2018

CarePortMD Picks blueEHR-HITaaS eHealth Platform to Roll Out Kiosk-Delivered Telemedicine

“We are pleased to partner with CarePortMD. Their use of blueEHR® will greatly accelerate their time to market and allow them to facilitate medical services for their audience.” states Shameem C Hameed, CEO of ZH Healthcare.

HITaaS® allows eHealth developers and existing applications to utilize preexisting components and processes. The use of BlueEHR® will allow CarePortMD to get to market faster than developing a standalone telemedicine module for their system.

“CarePortMD’s use of blueEHR is a great example of the power HITaaS” – Shameem C Hameed

CarePortMD joins a growing list of eHealth and Healthcare IT developers and services that rely on blueEHR®’s technology infrastructure which includes video consulting capabilities. Their use of the HITSaaS platform focuses on the pre-existing communication capability which enable telemedicine consultations.

CarePortMD is developing a network of telemedical access points in retail locations, where staffed kiosks equipped with blood testing, electrocardiography and other diagnostics are used to support clinical evaluations by remotely located clinicians. “Beyond elegant medical record storage, ZH Healthcare’s powerful platform will enable our care coordinators to fulfill our role as a hub that connects patients with providers and services at the right time, place and price.”, says Ashok Subramanian, MD, CEO of CarePortMD.


About CarePortMD:

The CarePortMD platform combines telemedicine, clinical decision support and health care logistics to empower patients with mobile access to patient-centric care at the right time, place and price. We enable a rapidly expanding network of organizationally-distinct providers with tools to work collaboratively to meet the ongoing healthcare needs of better-engaged, better-informed patients.

About ZH Healthcare, Inc.

ZH Healthcare  is a healthcare technology innovator that is revolutionizing health IT with blueEHR® – Health IT as a Service (HITaaS)®, a cloud-based healthcare specific software development and infrastructure environment that empowers users to build and deploy eHealth solutions quick and efficient. blueEHR, an advanced EHR system borne out of HITaaS is used by thousands of healthcare providers, staff, health systems, startups, and IT companies in 100+ countries.

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