Failure rate for developing eHealth solutions through conventional approaches is...


Why blue HIT Platform?

  • Easy to Build
  • Quick to Connect
  • Simple to Deploy

What it means for you?

  • Speed to Value
  • Adapts to Growth
  • Preserve Capital
  • Protect your IP

Build your eHealth product in 4 simple steps


It all begins with YOUR idea. Build those use-cases and document your idea clearly.


Brainstorm with our consulting team as to what tools in the blue HIT platform works best to realize your vision.


You can develop your product OR we can develop it for you, using the blue HIT Platform.


Your product may be for internal use or to go to market. Either way, launch your product on our scalable cloud.

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A bird's-eye view of the Health IT Platform

Healthcare Ecosystem Cloud Technologies Software Development Platform I n t e r o p e r a b i l i t y e R x / L a b s I O T / D M E s P a a S I a a s S e c u r i t y + C o m p l i a n c e S D K A P I M i c r o s e r v i c e s A m b u l a t o r y A c u t e C a r e T e l e m e d i c i n e P a t i e n t

Who benefits from the blue HIT Platform?

Innovation in eHealth is an imperative for…

Healthcare Entrepreneurs

  • Gain market share
  • Accelerate growth
  • Disrupt established players

Health Systems & Governments

  • Add new services
  • Rapidly modernize
  • Deliver healthcare to Citizens

Systems Integrators

  • Deliver custom solutions
  • Expand customer relationships
  • Differentiate from competitors


eHealth creates differentiated and modernized healthcare service offerings…