If standard EHR systems don’t work for you

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Enhanced Clinical Workflows

Most EHR systems dictate how you should practice: blueEHR does not. When experience has shown you different approaches to achieve better patient outcomes, and you want to include those innovative ways in delivering patient care, wouldn’t you want your systems to adapt?

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Innovative business models

Most EHR systems fail in accommodating different business models. Models could include cash only, membership, capitated, product based, wellness packages, or more. When you have innovative  business models aimed at delivering higher productivity, and your system cannot adapt, What do you do?


Most EHR systems are closed, and provide limited access to integrations; that too at a steep price.  Integrations with analytics engines, CRMs, DMEs, applications, financial systems, HIXs, labs and others.  When your enterprise automation requires integrations critical to productivity, what do you do?