blueEHR Pricing

Learn how the blueEHR system is priced based on different pricing elements.

Since the blueEHR platform is adapted to specific client requirements pricing for the platform is customized to the unique requirements of that individual customer.

In general, pricing for ongoing usage of the blueEHR Platform is based on actual usage of the different Pricing Elements subject to a Monthly Minimum Guarantee.

blueEHR Platform
Per end user
Per e-Prescriber or e-Prescription
Hospital Management System
Per bed
Patient Encounters
Per encounter
Telemedicine – HIPAA compliant video
Per minute
API Calls
Per call
Electronic Storage
Per GB
Direct Email
One time setup and yearly renewal
Immunization Registry
One time setup and yearly renewal
Syndromic Surveillance
One time setup and yearly renewal
Per user or per call
Lab and Diagnostic Imaging
One time cost as well as ongoing monthly costs
Integration with other systems
One time cost


For more details on pricing, please contact our sales team at or you can call us at +1 (855) 936-3367.