Aug 06 , 2016

The First Arabic EHR Leverages HITaaS

ZH Healthcare the creators of blueEHR, a Health IT as a Service (HITaaS) platform announced that SehaCloud of The Kingdom of Jordan has leveraged the HITaaS platform to launch the first Arabic EHR system for the Middle East.

Not only is SehaCloud an arabic EHR system but it is also customized to meet the rules and regulations of the markets that it serves across the Middle East Region.

Here is what some of the doctors using SehaCloud, powered by blueEHR, have to say:

●    Dr. Raed Awaisheh – Cardiologist “I found SehaCloud easily customizable; I love the Web-based application.”
●    Dr. Raed Marji – Oncologist “I have implemented SehaCloud into my clinic and I found it ABSOLUTELY easy and efficient to use!”

“The blueEHR HITaaS platform is what the new generation of Healthcare IT entrepreneurs are looking for,” said Ayman Jaber, CEO of SehaCloud, “We were able to configure an EHR solution that suited the Middle East market and launch it with minimal time and cost.”

Shameem C. Hameed, Chairman and CEO of ZH Healthcare, stated that “The Platform was created to make Healthcare IT easy and affordable which in turn will bring high end healthcare technology to the people all over the globe.”

About SehaCloud

SehaCloud is a Health Informatics consultancy company based in the Kingdom of Jordan with a focus on transforming the work of Healthcare Providers through providing proper solutions that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare services.

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