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The success of your practice depends on more than your high standard of care. It depends on timely and accurate billing, done right the first time.

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What is blueEHR Medical Billing Service?

With blueEHR Medical Billing software, you alleviate the headaches of medical billing.

blueEHR offers comprehensive 24x7 medical billing service and our proven experience combined with an advanced technology platform that could significantly reduce expenses, increase collections, and improve cash flow. Quality with medical billing services is never an accident, nor can it be negotiated in a contract. You need the high degree of skill, expertise, knowledge and determination the team of ZH Healthcare (the company behind blueEHR delivers to help you achieve more collections. Let us take over your medical billing.

Why you should choose the ZH Healthcare & blueEHR Medical Billing Services

The success (or failure) of any healthcare practice or system relies heavily on the accuracy and timeliness of their Medical Billing, collections and reporting. Don’t fall for broken promises and undelivered commitments – and stop paying exorbitant fees for medical billing software. With ZH Healthcare and blueEHR, you get the quality, reliability and experience of an accomplished team of medical billing professionals – with years of collective experience to help you succeed.

People & Experience

Personalized Service

You are in the loop

Contingency fee: We get paid when you do

Gain real value

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Integrated EMR & PMS

ZH Healthcare and blueEHR can help you collect more - in less time!

In a world of ever changing healthcare regulation, coding, and billing requirements, you need to make sure that your medical billing can keep up. You need the outsourced medical billing services of ZH Healthcare, the company behind blueEHR, to help you process claims faster, advocate on behalf of your practice, work with insurance companies and patients, and help you collect more, faster – so you can get back to the business of providing quality care.

  • Payment Posting

    Let our experts manage postings - see what you need, when you need it...

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  • Patient Billing

    We handle patient billing, statements, communications and collections...

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  • Denial Management

    Reduce denials and increase the percentage of time that you get paid...

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  • Claims Auditing

    Managing quality checks - demographics, diagnostics, providers and more...

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  • AR Follow-up

    Managing reimbursement with aggressive follow-up and appeals...

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  • EDI Enrollment

    Clearinghouse enrollment, submissions, follow-ups and communications, and more...

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  • Credentialing Services

    Verifying education, training, licensure, experience, current insurance and more...

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  • Provider Enrollment

    Managing enrollment and contracting with selected plans, submissions and more ...

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  • Claims Submission

    Fast claims submission, scrubbing, notifications, tracking and more...

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  • Practice Consulting

    24x7 support, verification, pre-authorization, ETFs, training, IT and more...

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Customer Testimonials

  • “One thing that stood out is its intuitiveness and the level to which one can customize it.”

  • “The software has a high level of configurability and customization, allowing the organization to tailor the system to their specific needs.”

  • “Intelligent solution supported by an amazing team!”