When Behavioral Health and Integrated Care Practices look for EHR systems

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Offline Capability, Telehealth, Residential features

Providing care to your customers has never been more demanding. Especially with the arrival of integrated care and the need to deliver care anywhere – at home, in facility or virtually – is not just an add-on but a necessity. Do you have the technology to stay relevant?

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Cash Flow from Multiple Funding Programs

Major Behavioral Health and Integrated Care agencies have to accommodate multiple funding agencies with disparate reporting and billing requirements. This forms the basis of your cash flow. Would your current system enable you to seamlessly comply with the requirements of such various payers and funding agencies?

Patient Engagement, Referrals, Medical Devices

Integrated care systems need to assimilate data from sources like Health Information Exchanges, IoTs, Diagnostic Medical Equipments, referring doctors, hospital systems and more to present a holistic picture of the patient’s health. Do you have a system with open APis to participate in the healthcare ecosystem?