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Not only is blueEHR one of the most intuitive EHR and Practice Management solutions, our Patient Portal is one of the best!

Advanced, Interoperable, and Included FREE with our blueEHR Electronic Health Solution.

A growing percentage of patients are getting more involved in their care and looking for ways to access care plans, medical records, and more. With blueEHR, you get one of the industry’s leading interoperable patient portals – patients can opt to pull records from other providers and EHR systems, share records, and interact with their medical history like never before – a revolutionary patient engagement tool, all part of blueEHR!

With the blueEHR patient portal, your patients can:

  • Engage in secure communication with physicians, specialists, staff, and more!

  • Monitor, review, and manage all of their healthcare and medical expenses!

  • Share medical information with family, caregivers, physicians, and staff!

  • Aggregate (and organize) medical records from multiple providers!

Top Reasons for Practices to Use the blueEHR Patient Portal

Patient portals are changing the healthcare paradigm; the blueEHR patient portal is one of the most patient friendly tools to improve engagement and meet Meaningful Use!
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    We want to change the world of healthcare - helping healthcare organizations around the world to move beyond their rigid and inflexible health solutions and EHR systems, and leverage the power, flexibility and simplicity of the blueEHR solution for all of their health IT needs.

    Whatever you envision, we can help. Leverage the power of a complete meaningful use EHR plus modules and extensions - or build health IT solution, using our APIs.

    Our team is committed to working with you to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your healthcare enterprise. You are more than a client, you are our partner.

    You get the dedicated support of a global team ready to help you implement, on-board, and train with one of most advanced health IT and EHR solutions in the market.