blueEHR : Overview of Services

The possibilities are endless with blueEHR. Whether you are looking for a secure, compliant and Meaningful Use certified EHR or in need of a flexible, advanced platform to build, customize and deploy your own custom health IT solutions, you can count on blueEHR as the only healthcare IT platform you will ever need. Leverage our unique set of modules, features and extensions – or build your own.

Flexible Electronic Health Solutions : Build Your Own Custom Health IT Solutions, Fast.

Leverage the power of a fully compliant, worry-free and systematic Meaningful Use certified electronic health record (EHR) management system that is integrated within the healthcare ecosystem, delivers all the features you need (and more…) and helps you increase efficiency and quality of care.  Make your vision of building incredible health IT solutions into a reality, and get to market fast without the IT burden.

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Some of the blueEHR highlights

We know healthcare IT. We have been at this for a long time, dedicated day and night over a number of years to ensure that we are ahead of the curve – providing a platform that is powerful enough to support the most complex (and simple) healthcare solutions. Whether you want a new EHR in your practice or need to deploy a mission critical mobile solution to support healthcare activities worldwide, blueEHR is the right solution for you.

Modules, Extensions and Apps

Build your EHR experience or custom health IT solution with integrations and more....

Telemedicine | Video

Deliver telemedicine via an integrated telehealth solution - practice from anywhere...

Care Coordination

Leverage blueEHR for population health management, care coordination and more...

Intuitive Charting & Custom Workflow

Use the report builder, drag and drop, and tools to create workflows for the way you work...

HIghlights of blueEHR

In addition to a range of pre-built modules, extensions, and the ability to customize your own health IT solutions with our advanced APIs, you can take advantage of many of the following features and highlights of the blueEHR platform.

Reporting and Analytics

blueEHR delivers custom report builders and tools, deep analytics and more...

Multilingual Capabilities

blueEHR is available in more than 30 languages and growing - customizable by you...

Labs and Clearinghouses

blueEHR is integrated with labs and clearinghouses - giving you options, without delay...

Inventory Management

With blueEHR, you can manage items, DME and more - and manage pharmacy inventory, too...

Country Agnostic

blueEHR is used in over 100 countries, meeting the needs of healthcare providers worldwide...

E-Prescription | E-Prescribing

With blueEHR e-prescriptions, you can meet MU requirements, cross-check and more....

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We are powering a revolution in healthcare IT – supporting custom health IT requirements for more than 30,000 providers, clinics, staff and health IT companies and startups in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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