We Want to Change the World of EHR and Healthcare IT

We hope you will join our team and support our mission to make healthcare IT accessible and affordable, worldwide.

When we started, our intention was to help physicians and providers to focus on the business of healthcare, not get lost in process. We are making this a reality. We have grown substantially. We continue to earn a leadership reputation in the industry and our employees continue to rate us with 100% satisfaction.

Work-Life Balance

We provide a work-life balance. It is important that our employees consider us to be a great place to work.

Learning Opportunities

We invest in our team. Our team is our family, and we strive to provide employees with every opportunity to learn and grow.

Supportive Environment

We thrive on =success of one another and do all we can to help each other succeed, form friendships, and more.

Customer Oriented

We never forget why we are here. We work to make healthcare IT simplified and deliver a great customer experience.

Become part of a revolution in healthcare IT. Join us today!

When you choose to join our team, you are not just starting a job, you are making a difference in the growing world of healthcare and health IT.

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