Apr 22 , 2014

ZH Healthcare strengthens OpenEMR software with 2012 contributions

McLean, VA (PRWEB) March 30, 2012

Healthcare regulations and cost are often the subject of negative news and headlines. That doesn’t mean there are no positive areas of news within today’s healthcare environment. One of these positive areas is the move towards electronic health and medical records (EHR / EMR), which are, computerized medical records created by healthcare providers and managed within computer systems. The benefits of using an EMR system are multiple. The primary benefit is improved patient care through greater insight into treatment, fewer errors, and more meaningful treatment plan coordination. Another benefit is the reduction in cost achieved through process and workflow improvements and the reduction of duplicated services during the treatment plan. There are many ways healthcare providers can implement these systems, ranging from privately owned and proprietary to free, open source software systems.

OpenEMR is a free and open source, practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) software application. The OpenEMR system has achieved complete Office of the National Controller of Health Information Technology (ONC) Ambulatory EHR Certification for 2011-2012 Meaningful Uѕе requirements and features fully integrated electronic medical records, practice management, scheduling, electronic billing, internationalization, and free support. Over 4,000 downloads of OpenEMR occur every month making it the popular alternative for those seeking a free electronic medical records system.

The OpenEMR system was developed and is supported by the open-source development community with over 50 developer organizations having contributed to the project. One of the most prolific contribritors is ZH Healthcare one of only a few recognized OpenEMR Certified Contributors. ZH Healthcare has offices in McLean, VA and Cochin, India and have engaged a staff of over 75 in the effort to make the OpenEMR system the best free EMR option for healthcare providers. “We have committed our resources in order to provide the healthcare community a system that is highly customizable and is based on the work flow of the provider” explains Shameem C. Hameed, Chairman of ZH Healthcare. “Since the beginning of the year we have made several significant contributions to the OpenEMR code base, including e-prescription connectivity and the off-site Patient Portal”. Substantial contributions were made in the areas of the OpenEMR user interface, the advanced payment feature, an updated billing manager, including the ability to have multiple billing facilities.

ZH Healthcare will continue to develop and contribute to the OpenEMR system. “We are pleased to be part of the OpenEMR community and are encouraged with the progress and implementation of the system, by providers in large and small practices” states Hameed. “There are several major implementations that will demonstrate the effectiveness of the system, including the recently announced decision of the Peace Corps to utilize OpenEMR.”

About ZH Healthcare

ZH Healthcare provides open source Electronic Medical Records Solutions and Revenue Cycle Management to healthcare providers including hospitals, university practices, large physician groups, medical billing companies, laboratories, medical imaging service providers, and individual & group practices. ZH Healthcare has become one of the major contributors to the OpenEMR software project with a team of over 75 information technology professionals. ZH Healthcare has made significant contributions to the OpenEMR software, especially in the Medical Billing, Accounts Receivable and Practice Management modules of the code.

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