Jan 01 , 2021

Interview with Lijo John, Head of IT Infrastructure blueEHR and the Recipient of NEXT100 “India’s Future CIOs” Award

January 1 2021: A Quick 5 Minute Chat with Lijo John, Head of IT Infrastructure and Information Security for blueEHR and Recipient of NEXT100 “India’s Future CIOs” Award.[1]

Shah Rook: First of all, congratulations! This is a huge honour! How are you feeling right now? This has been a tough year for all of us. Having good news like this must have helped a bit. 

Lijo: Thank you! I am really honoured and privileged to receive such a prestigious award. And you are correct. (Laughs) It’s been a tough year. And hopefully it will be better next year for everyone. I think this award- let me phrase that better, I hope that this award is a sign that next year is going to be better. That’s how I’m looking at this. 

Shah: That’s a very positive take!

Lijo: Positive mindset, positive thinking, positive energy, if you put that into the world, it will come back to you. That’s my belief. 

Shah: I’m going to keep that in mind. So, tell me more about this award. What is the process to be eligible for it?

Lijo: The process requires registrants to submit their applications, undergo psychometric tests, secure recommendations from your manager and from the industry, and then go through two rounds of jury interviews. The jury panel is formulated out of elite senior leadership from the industry.

Shah: That sounds intensive. But also self exploratory. What did you get out of going through this process? Was it helpful, did it make you grow, is what I’m asking.

Lijo: Oh yeah. The process helped me re-assess my own skills. It made me introspective. I re-evaluated my ability to understand problems that the organization might face. How to leverage the technology as is and what might come in the future. As you know, we are always innovating. I looked at how to better work with the stakeholders and manage their expectations and of course meet them as well. I also looked at my team management skills and how to work with my team as a more cohesive unit. I am happy with how I perform now, I would say it’s at a very high level. But I also saw places that I could improve and I think that’s a good thing. I don’t want to be or plan to be complacent. I have to keep improving on my weaknesses, as well as be ready to adapt and learn so that I can meet the expectations that will no doubt be placed on me as we grow as a company.

Shah: You mentioned before we officially started the interview that you tried to be eligible for this honour twice in the past and were unsuccessful. What do you think changed this time around?

Lijo: The blueehr team. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! That was the game changer for me. Here I have got the freedom to grow. Like I said, I get to make decisions which can solve business problems, implement the solutions and or processes to maintain the operations, keep management and customer expectations. I have the most wonderful team members. They’re, quote unquote, good people doing extraordinary work. My friends. My teammates. I love working with them. They’re passionate and they believe in the cause. I also greatly appreciate the support from the management as well. Shameem, Shahzad, Capri, Jacob, they’re fantastic. They don’t micromanage me. I appreciate that. It removes a lot of potential stress. They made it clear when I was first hired what their expectations were and they trust me to meet my end and so far, I have.  

Shah: Absolutely! Lijo, you are clearly a very busy man. I am thankful to you for making time for me and the visitors to our website. I will let you go now. And of course, Happy New Year!

Lijo: (Laughs) Of course! I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to have an article featured about me on the website! (Laughs) And yes, to you and all the visitors, Happy New Year!



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