Jun 20 , 2016

The Positive Impact of Customizing Your EHR


Customizing an EHR system can be one of the best ways to improve workflow and efficiency in a medical practice. But the impact of designing and implementing tailored systems doesn’t end at providers and their staff; a well-planned and implemented EHR can positively affect practice administration, medical partners, and patients.

Why Customization Matters

A customized EHR system can meet the needs and respond to the challenges of a medical practice much better than a generic system. Custom EHR systems provide more intuitive experiences than out-of-the-box records systems thanks to specialty-specific tools, templates, and more.

From family medicine to surgery, there is no one-size-fits-all system that can be effective for all medical practices.

An EHR system for small practices would look very different than one for a large, multi-facility group, and medical specialties have very different needs than internists.

Generic systems do not accommodate for these differences. Additionally, they can often bombard specialty practices with tools that they will never use, and fall short on features they actually need.

What Will EHR Customization Affect?

Typically, the first to benefit from a tailored, customized EHR system are providers and their staff. From the waiting room to the exam room, EHR customization benefits doctors, technicians, and nurses, but also patients and their families.

Reduced aggravation for providers, longer time spent with patients, and more accurate and useful health dataillustrate the powerful effect a specially designed records system can have.

Uniquely designed scheduling modules can eliminate frustration and time lost from grappling with inefficient generic systems so that both staff and patients enjoy a more streamlined, personalized experience.

EHR customization supports best practices and “meaningful use” as well, built around the adapting needs and goals of providers and their patients. The potential for improved care grows with the increased accuracy of data, communication logs, organized test results, and many more benefits of using a custom health records system.

Using a Customized EHR

Busy practices of all specialties know the value of managing flow. Unfortunately, generic EHR systems can often slow down – or even interrupt – this flow, leading to a cascade of preventable issues. There are documented examples of custom EHRs improving practice efficiency and overall data quality, which affects patients as well as an entire practice by shifting energy away from the computer and back to the patient.

EHR customization examples can include helpful tools such as consent forms paired with procedure templates, accessible physician call lists for providers, and countless others.

A well-customized EHR system supports and simplifies data management from technician workups to examinations, or from procedures to scheduling, all allowing for less time on the computer and more time with patients. This improved experience allows patients to come away with better overall satisfaction with their care.

An EHR system’s impact reaches beyond simply the providers, and the customization benefits everyone involved with a medical practice. Fewer frustrations from providers and staff, higher quality of captured data, and enhanced practice flow foster a better overall experience for all parties.

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