Is your EHR system capable of managing Behavioral Health and Integrated Care?

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What makes blueEHR better?

Integrated Platform

blueEHR is capable of accommodating primary/multi specialty care along with behavioral health.

The system provides a Unified Patient Record which gives the staff, clients, and their families a holistic picture of the patient’s health and treatment status.

blueEHR enforces consistent data standards to quickly generate agency-wide reports.

Flexible and Malleable

The system has the capacity to adapt to different clinical and organizational workflows of any organization.

It has the ability to build the multitude of forms required by different payers, funders, programs and specialties with ease.

The system derives a cognitive design, providing a user friendly interface minimizing screen fatigue.

Offline Mode

It enables mobile providers to access client history during community-based visits.

The system facilitates the entry of treatment plans and other clinical data reducing paperwork in the field.

blueEHR is capable of performing seamlessly in remote areas with no or low bandwidth.


blueEHR’s APIs enables you to not only connect to various diagnostic devices but also to integrate with third-party software applications that were used in other operational environments.

These APIs help you connect to local health information exchanges, government registries, prescription networks and clearing houses.

blueEHR is the only EHR system that was designed to manage the 3C's (Care, Cash and Coordination) of an Integrated Care Practice.